At Marlin we are able to provide a cut to length service for cable, wire rope, hose and other flexible products with accurate measuring.

If deterioration of wooden cable drums has taken place or cables need re-drumming from larger supplier/mother donor drums onto smaller drums Marlin are able to re-drum onto either new or cost-effective stock refurbished drums. The reels and drums provided will take into account the minimum bend radius of the product being re-drummed. 


Having developed cable winding, coiling and delivery services, giving customers a flexible, cost effective alternative to in-house despatch winding. Energy and communication cable can be wound and coiled onto various packages – cardboard reels, plywood reels or wooden cable drums suitable for the end application. Machinery can currently handle drums weighing up to 3 tonnes with a maximum 2.6m diameter flange.

  • Coils and reel from 250mm to 1000mm
  • Drums 800 to 2200mm
  • Weight up to 6000kg
  • When require, we can print or metre mark cable during winding process, using waterproof inks.
  • We can also offer optical testing using OTDR and/or cut back measurement methods if requested.

Each site has its’ own individual refurbished drum stocks (sizes of drums ranging from 0.6m up to 2.4m) and facilities to manufacture new drums. We can therefore easily supply you with the volumes of either new or refurbished drums you may require for your re-winding needs in the UK market.


We have plenty of capacity available to take on additional cutting and winding work and will be able to take on any demands your business requires.

Our various sites are ideally located throughout the UK. Each has internal & external hard standing storage, plus a container off load and load facility suitable for managing your requirements coming into the UK marketplace. 


Marlin has the capability to batch down from mother Drum to ply wood reels, cardboard reels & coils, we can also contract pack cable bagging or cable tying into bundles and coils to required lengths. 


We would recommend that you use our refurbished drums (rather than new drums) for batching down from bulk Mother Drums as refurbished drums represents the most cost-effective solution for on-delivery purposes and are the most ethical solution in terms of impact on the environment / carbon footprint.


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