Marlin Industries is a ZERO TO LANDFILL business. We have been adopting the principles of circularity laid out in the government’s UK Industrial Strategy and are leading the low carbon manufacturing revolution within the cable industry, creating jobs and wealth using end of life plastic material waste.

As a circular economy business, we openly share best practice to help improve waste management systems within our existing customer base and the cable industry as a whole. Our aim is be the industry leaders in waste and recycling practices and technologies.


  • Polyolefins (PE)
  • Low-density Polyethylene (LDPE)
  • High-density Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Polypropylene (PP)
  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC hard)

New innovations are under development taking difficult to-recycle plastics and using their unique properties and incredibly versatility to find end uses for these materials and prevent landfill such as creating feedstock that can be injection moulded or extruded and which have chemical building blocks and strengthening agent for use in a variety of applications and end use products.

Recognising that we have a key role to play in encouraging and enabling correct behaviour and providing the infrastructure, products and services which will encourage reuse and the reduction and reliance on new raw materials.

New innovations are under development taking difficult to-recycle plastics and turning them into valuable feedstock, chemical building blocks and strengthening agent for use in a variety of applications.

We view ALL plastic waste as a valuable resource and not as a throwaway product and have developed innovative techniques and processes that convert these materials into re-useable value-added material that can deliver a set of customer benefits.

Appreciating that the full recovery process from the point of waste-creation to eventual re-use is a complex process which takes what is deemed as a waste problem and cost to the end-of-life-disposer and then converts this into a product with a value once fully recycled and re-used. However, we have recognised that minimising cost of waste disposal and preserve the embedded value in the material as it moves through the recycling process is imperative to success.

Implementing sustainable practices and embedding sustainable development into customers organisations is the key and we encourage customers to change their behaviour and reuse items rather than discarding and landfilling thus reducing customer waste product’s embedded carbon.

We underpin and reinforce this at every opportunity through be behaviour-change interventions.

We help organisations consider the recyclability of the materials from which their product or packaging is made and how utilising recycled material is a more ethical option.

We help change the culture of organisations, not least because of the expectations and demands placed on them by their customers and suppliers.

We communicate the importance of sustainability both explicitly and through the management ethos.

We provide innovative solutions to sustainability challenges.

We provide an excellent narrative to reflect the company’s commitment to sustainability, boosting reputation through environmental good practice and innovation.

We provide cost reduction analysis data to show how using more recycled content in the products and materials purchased, can reduce costs and give commercial advantage to organisations.

We ensure these messages are understood by the widest possible audience.


Waste material is accepted in either baled or bagged form and labels are not an issue. Materials can be supplied coloured with masterbatch or multi coloured.

  1. Materials are segregated by type.
  2. Material goes through washing plant which has a trommel washer, a series of beaters, processors & dryer.
  3. For Agricultural Waste material goes through a secondary trommel to remove big stones and grit
  4. Material goes through Granulation (to flake)
  5. Through Compounding Line

Separate to the above we are in the process of installing a Pulverisation Unit to take Optical Fibre Cable & process BFT (Blown Fibre Tubing), mixed plastics (has to be granulated first) then goes through Compounding Line to enable end use material to be injection moulded or extruded.

Our recycling facilities

Our business model has very much been designed in line with the Triple R Policy (Reduce – Reuse – Recycle) i.e. wherever possible we try to focus on recovering, adapting, repairing, restoring and repurposing the wood waste into reusable products thus minimizing the use of new raw materials.

As a general principle the wooden waste we dispose of on your behalf will be 100% recycled in an ethical manner wherever possible and will be converted into other products such Boiler Fuel (Direct delivery and B2B), Animal Bedding (Grade A & A+) and a variety of applications.

Our Triple ‘R’ Policy


  • 121268H HDPE Granulate (Chipped HDPE multicoloured)
  • 12168L LD Compounded (LD tube)
  • Compounded HDPE Granulate (Coloured Black)
  • 18810Repo (Reprocessed HDPE)
  • 12168R (Chipped Mono bore HDPE)
  • 12168P (Chipped PVC)

Materials are supplied palletised on 950 x 950 x 1750mm bags.
Recycled materials can be supplied double bagged and cling wrapped for outside use as an additional cost.
Weight per bag is depending on material type and grade.
Weight tickets supplied for each bag and charged by the weight supplied.


Registered with the Department of Environment as an Accredited Packaging Waste Reprocessor. As a result of our continued investment in the conversion of packing scrap into useful products, we can also sell a limited number of PRN’s which can be used to offset our customer obligations to recycle packaging materials.


The new packaging solution for product supply to the cable industry.


Plastic Reels from 200mm to 500mm diameter

  • 100% Recycled
  • 100% Returnable
  • 100% Reusable or Recyclable


  • Supplied in easy to assemble component form
  • Take apart in seconds, no special tools required
  • No PRN liability

Some Additional Benefits

  • Reduced transportation costs supplied in component form
  • Reduced storage space required in unassembled kit format
  • Individual components can easily be replaced if damaged (rather than whole reel replacement)
  • Can be provided branded/with logo via use of interchangeable inserts
  • Can be provided with varied centre hole, drive hole, slots and tie off holes PCD’s through use of interchangeable inserts
  • Robust material
  • Cosmetically more suitable/aesthetic than an equivalent plywood reel
  • Concentric barrel/core
  • Weather resistant / waterproof so suitable for outside storage
  • Unique ‘Pay per Use’ concept can reduce end user disposal liability to zero
  • Additional sizes available subject to demand and contractual arrangement


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