Drums beyond economic repair pass through our in-house recycling facility shredding and chipping to convert non-repairable drums into biomass fuel, animal bedding, construction feedstock, ground cover and children’s play areas.

Marlin also work with their supply chain to remanufacture cable/duct left on the drum and return it in to the manufacturing process. We are also looking to rewind non-used stock for re-supply.


Customer tailored cable drum rental schemes available upon request.


We are able to supply new steel drums through our third-party contacts and relationships.

Marlin are also able to break drums down into manageable sizes to enable recycling. Scrap recovery value provided back to end user minus transportation costs to mitigate some of the initial purchase value.


Innovative techniques adopted by Marlin, such as flat-packing drums for export sale or return to the Country of Origin for re-assembly and multiple re-use has led to significant reductions in purchasing costs for our customer base as well as providing environmental marketing benefits.

Utilised for drums of flange dimension 1400mm to 2600mm.


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